I have been in the concrete epoxy coating, acid staining business for ages. Years ago, I started a coating company that grew to the size that we were installing 16 garage floors a week not counting all the commercial installations. Over the last five years, I coated nearly 3,000 garage floors. Commercially? I have coated floors for: Colton Police Department, Corona Police Departmentís helicopter hanger, Carrierís Western Distribution Center in Brea a 200,000 square foot floor, air plane hangers, and the smallest: a 45 square foot barbeque. The list is large.

Along with all the floors I have created, coating manufacturers hire me to teach start-up coating companies how to use epoxies and how to properly install garage floors. Contractors hire me to fix/repair their problem floors. As an example: a major contractor flew me to Chicago last year for three days to repair a two foot circle that popped up.  The same contractor also flew me to Texas to over see a large quartz floor installation for Max Studios.

I retired, became bored and found I missed turning concrete into art.  So, I returned to the coating business to offer you Beautiful Concrete Floors at an amazingly low price.

Low price. How can I offer a low price? First of all, I no longer have to pay for over-head: electricity, heating, a building, phones, general manager, sales staff, office staff, office supplies, etc., etc. The list is endless. Take all the expenses away and the cost of a floor decreases quickly.

Lowering the price does not mean lowering the quality. I use the same commercial grade, 2-part coatings that I have used on high-end commercial floors.  I am proud of the floors that I create which is why I have returned doing what I love: creating Beautiful Concrete Floors that bring lasting enjoyment and beauty.

My ability to give you a beautiful, lasting floor and my cost savings passed on to you, create the perfect situation for your up and coming Beautiful Concrete Floor.