A young boy's dream bedroom


     Finished Room

How it was accomplished

Day 1:  Prep bathroom floor and coat with a 4195 white epoxy. 

Day 2:  Re-coat bathroom with a white 400FD fast drying epoxy.

Day 3:  Tape out bathroom for the first part of the checker board then coat with a black 400FD epoxy.  Pull tape off floor.

Day 4:  Re-tape bathroom to coat the remaining squares with a black 400FD epoxy.  Pull tape off floor. 

Day 5:  Top coat the bathroom floor with a clear 5400 urethane.

Day 6:  Start the bedroom.  Pull carpet, remove glue, fill divots and cracks.  Prep floor and lay a 4195 whisper grey epoxy.

Day  7: Cut 1/8" x 1/8" grout lines that will separate the colors.   Sand the floor to take out any blemishes.  Fill the grout lines with Raven black grout, let dry then wash off.  Let floor dry, hand sand.  Lay down with two polyurethanes, green and grey

Day 8:  Lay out the pattern for the road dividers then spray with white lacquer.  Let dry and coat the floor with a clear 5400 urea.