Dupont's Paint Training Center for the U.S.

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Materials used:

Dupont's Imron Industrial Strength polyurethane:
8 gallons of light gray
4 gallons of yellow
3 gallons of dark gray
1 gallon of red
10 gallons of clear
A few ounces of glitter
About $250.00 for painter's masking tape
8 pounds of special ordered resin chips. Color mix: 45% Dark gray, 45% yellow, 5% white and 5% black
Approximately $325 worth of miscellaneous items such as: measuring cups, buckets, roller cages, roller covers (different sizes), brushes (different sizes), etc, etc.
Plus, plus, plus, plus all the other products needed to use and mix with the above polyurethanes

The floor was 1700 sq. ft. and took 8 days to complete

If you look closely, glitter can be seen