Epoxy Installation

Day 1    

Door taped to keep dust out

Floor prepped with sanders & blades

Hand grinding creates dust

Cracks filled and hand ground

Stem walls prepped

Stem walls to be coated & chipped

Coating starts

Takes 2-5 layers to cover

After coating, chips cast into epoxy

Day 2  
Epoxy needs a day to harden before applying
the top coat

Day 3   Installer arrives, cleans garage, driveway and top
                     coats with a high grade urethane.

After the top coat, please stay off the floor for three days.  After that: boxes, bicycles, etc. can be brought back into the garage.  But please be careful.  The urethane takes 7 days to completely cure.  If you have heavy objects with a small foot-pattern like refrigerators and tool boxes with wheels, keep off for 7 days along with your car or truck.