Fun Room for the kids

How it was accomplished

Day 1:  Pull carpet, remove glue, fill divots and cracks.  Prep floor and lay 4195 white epoxy.

Day 2:  Sand the epoxy to take out any blemishes and lay over with a grey polyurethane.

Day 3:  Cut 1/8" x 1/8" grout lines that will separate the colors.   Sand the floor to take out any blemishes.  Coat the three polyurethane colors--black, orange and grey.

Day 4:  Fill the grout lines with Raven black grout, let dry then wash off.  Let floor dry, hand sand and recoat the three polyurethane colors. Lay out the diamond, coat with a 4195 black epoxy and cast in glow-in-the-dark chips.

Day 5:  Coat the floor with a clear 5400 urethane.