The Garage

There was only a barn but a garage was a must have for the owners.  The barn was torn
down to build a dream garage which was in the finishing stage of construction when
we were asked to work the garage floor.

The home is on the left and a bridge
connects the new garage to it.

Crossing the bridge, notice the
detail:  water fall on the left, copper
rain gutters, stone work.

Another bridge was constructed for
the drive way to cross the river bed.

Driving over the bridge, to the front
of the garage you'll notice a large
box.  That is the first of the custom,
steel garage cabinets to arrive.


To the right of the garage doors, is
the entrance to a work area where
the Mrs. will continue her passion,
stained glass.


I received an e-mail from the construction superintendent with the plan for the garage floor which included design, colors of epoxy and acids.

The Plan