Quartz Floor

Day 1   Day 1
Day 1 Day 1
Day 1  Day 1  The concrete was ground  with diamond blades to open the pours for the sinking and bonding of the epoxy primer.  Over 300 feet of cracks and expansion joints filled to create a seamless floor.  After prepping and cleaning the floor, a special epoxy primer was laid across the entire floor and let dry over night.


Day 2  Day 2  The first layer of 100% fast drying epoxy was laid over the entire 1900 square foot floor.  Before the epoxy hardened, quartz was broadcast into the coating to full coverage.  We let the fast epoxy harden which took about one-two hours.  Then all the loose quartz was vacuumed and another layer of slow drying epoxy was laid over the quartz followed by another layer of quartz cast into the fresh epoxy until refusal and let harden over night.

Day 3  Loose quartz vacuumed and the final layer of 100% epoxy was laid across the entire floor and let dry over night.

Day 4  Day 4  The floor was sanded with floor machines using 36 grit paper.  This was done so that the floor would have a smooth finish.  After the floor was cleaned, a layer of polyurethane was rolled across the floor to seal the floor and protect it for years.


Day 4  The finished quartz floor.  The floor has 4 layers of epoxy, 2 layers of quartz and 1 layer of polyurethane.

This floor is extremely thick, strong and will last Max Studios for years.